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Contents “Gavrish” № 3



I.L. Antonova

Five great five-year plans of company “GAVRISH”

anniversary meeting in the plant breeding, seed production center “Gavrish”, Krymsk


World market of tomatoes

sales grow up


V.G. Korol

Problems of the main stem in cucumber plants


O.E. Turkova

Ways to improve profitability:

production of tomatoes in summer-autumn season


T.L. Semenova

“I am a happy human…”

Interview with V.G. Korol

deputy chief of variety technology department SRIVCS


A. Gustaya

Scientific and practical support of vegetable growing

in winter greenhouses of the Russian Far East

 T.V. Degovtsova, A.A. Degovtsov, N.A. Blokhina, T.V. Leonidova

Indeterminate tomato varieties and hybrids

comparative evaluation


V. Il’nitskaya

Potato aphid is a dangerous pest of tomatoes

 A. Yuvarova

Effectiveness of bio fungicides on cucumbers in protecting ground


T.V. Yartseva

Biological protection of vegetable crops in protecting ground refresher courses

The plant breeding, seed production center “Gavrish”, Krynsk