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"GAVRISH" Scientific-informative journal for greenhouse industry


Подборка журналов Гавриш

Periodicity 6 issues per year

Circulation 1000-2000 copy

Establisher & Publisher

Scientific-research Institute of Greenhouse vegetable production (NIIOZG) ltd.

Editor in chief

S.F. Gavrish, doctor of Science (Agriculture), professor

Founder and Publisher:

“Scientific Research Institute of the Protected Ground Vegetable Growing” (NIIOZG) LLC


Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Head Editor

Sergey F. Gavrish

Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Protected Ground Vegetable Growing

Project Coordinator

Dmitry Brichuk

Editorial Board

R.A. Gish – Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Professor, Head of the Vegetable Growing Department of Kuban State Agrarian University

Zh.P. Danailov – Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Professor, Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia)

P.I. Kiriy – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Chief Agriculturist of  Public Joint-Stock Company (PAO) “Kombinat Teplichny”, Kiev, Ukraine

N.A. Kolpakov – Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), acting Head of Altai State Agrarian University, Head of the Protected Gardening Department

 V.G. Korol – Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Head of Varietal Technologies Division, Scientific Research Institute of the Protected Ground Vegetable Growing

R.D. Nurmetov – Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Professor, Deputy Director of the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Head of Protected Ground Division

V.A. Pavlyushin – Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Director of State Research Institution All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection (GNU VIZR), Saint-Petersburg

A.V. Sitnikov - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Director of the State Unitarian Agricultural Enterprise (GUSP) “Vysokovsky”, Kostroma

Rules of articles review

  1. Receipt of the article by the editorial board, registration in the queue.
  2. Preliminary examination by the Head and Science Editor for compliance with remit of the journal, criteria: relevance, scientific novelty and other formal indicators. If the article meets the requirements of the journal and may be published it is submitted to the reviewer – the subject matter expert, Doctor or Candidate of Sciences, working on the subject of the article and having published articles in this area. The article may be returned to the author for revision to make additions and corrections in accordance with the comments of the Editor before being submitted for review.
  3. In the assessment of an article the reviewer follows the plan attached to this Procedure (Rules?).
  4.  In some cases an article may be submitted repeatedly for reviewing to another subject matter expert. The work of a reviewer is paid.
  5. The reviewer provides the editorial board with a positive or negative review of the article not later than in 14 days; the editorial board introduces the results of the review to the author, without disclosing the name of the reviewer.
  6. The editorial board offers the author to revise the article according to the reviewer comments, then the Science and Literary Editor starts to work with the article.


- Cultivars and hybrids
- Trials results
- Greenhouse technologies 
- Agrochemical service 
- Plant protection
- Construction and equipment
- Bees and Bumblebees in greenhouses
- Conservatory floriculture 
- Plant breeding and seed production
- and others


The order of manuscript scientific publications review,

received in redaction of scientific informational journal for specialists of protected ground «Gavrish»


  1. Articles, received in redaction, are directed by scientific editor to Doctor or Candidate of Sciences, possessing the closest scientific specialization to the topic of publication.
  2. Without review are published in journal: articles of RAAS members, journal’s editorial board members, and also articles, accompanied with written submission of RAAS members and journal’s editorial board members.
  3. For author(s) of article reviewer is always incognito.
  4. In exceptional cases is practiced double-blind peer review of the article.
  5. Terms of review in each case determines scientific editor in consideration of conditions creation for operational article publication.  
  6. Order of authors inform about results of review.

After reception of affirmative review secretary of redaction informs authors about admission of article for publication with indication of it’s prospective term. The copy of review will be addressed to author with the number of journal, in which the article is published.  

Upon reception of negative review the copy of review is addressed to author with proposal to refine article in accordance with the comments of reviewer or to refute (partially or entirely) with arguments.

   Articles modified (reworked) by author are repeatedly directed for review.

   Decision of publication expediency after repeated review makes the Head editor.

   Refusal of publication.

   Are not allowed to publication:

   1) articles, not designed in accordance with accepted rules for authors and articles, whose authors did not performed the recommended with redaction technical revision of material;

   2) articles, whose authors do not respond to the constructive comments of reviewer with  their’s implementation or refutation.

7.    Upon admission in redaction’s edition corresponding interpellation of review’s copy are directed to Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

8.    Reviews are kept in publishing house and in redaction not less than 5 years.  

Readership — Chiefs and specialists of Greenhouse farms in Russia and CIS countries 

Subscription: in post office according to the Catalog “Press of Russia” and in the desk. 

Desk address: 127287 2-ya Hutorskaya str. 11, Moscow, Russia 
Tel.: +7 (499) 760-80-30
Fax: +7 (499) 760-84-75
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