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CONTENTS #5-2014


Respond to sanctions with embargo agrarians have confidence in future yields

Treat carefully, store wisely! seed management in company Gavrish

A simple miracle. Molecular markers in modern selection

Via Taganka to Mexico and not only… Travel photo report and new promotional offer

Working for yields. Perspective crop rotations in protected ground

Hybrids from Gavrish: our biography flash review in figures and hectares

Yield & quality illumination of lettuce seedlings under hydroponic culture

Dill all year round leaf vegetables in agro company Viborzhets

The more the merrier. Dense plantings in capsicum

Ecology in trend. Interview with Director General of Bio Tech System

Complex approach Bioprotection of leaf vegetables

16 thousand tons of produce yearly Vegetables of Krasnodar Kray implement a unique project

New boiler room saved millions master class from Trubichino, LLC

Forgotten calcium