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CONTENTS #6-2014



Varieties, hybrids, technologies in modern greenhouse industry

At the October seminar of “Gavrish” company

We won’t let Dutch companies rule in our fields!

Choosing hybrids for specific farms

Who’s new?

Trial results of hybrid tomato and cucumber

Choosing a hybrid, complying with technology

The increase of merchantability of young cucumber fruits  when growing bee pollinated cucumber hybrids

Look up to advanced!

Experience of hybrid F1 Taganka cultivation in the new greenhouses of "Razumensky"

We have tremendous plans…

Interview with the President of Association “Greenhouses of Russia”

Take-off and landing 

Trends in greenhouse business

Vegetable market should be ours!

Vegetable growers of  Tuimazy district

increase their competitiveness

Productive vaccine

Experience of cucumber plant protection against CGMMV in OAO “Volga"

Everyone loves tomatoes

Biodefense methods in protected ground ("Biotech Systems")

Commitment to ecology

Hydrolases as the biological method of phytopathogenic fungi control

Let it be tasty and healthy!

New generation of microfertilizers for vegetable crops

Energy saving without investment